Mission and vision of Recharge.City
city powerbank rental service
Recharge.city power bank rental offers freedom and convenience for people as they can charge their phones anywhere, anytime without having to leave their device behind or worry about cables.

Our aim is creating a world where people have the opportunity to rent and return, to use a good only for the time they need it, enabling users to be free from phone battery constraints and no longer worry about being cut off from their phones and essential applications.
We are a provider of device charging services intended to encourage the economy, where goods are shared instead of compulsively bought and abandoned.
How do we help people in real-life situations
What is mobile communication in the modern world?
Conversations, information, the Internet...
While it's very important to stay in touch with family and friends, our phone batteries have a very limited lifespan... It’s often unpleasant and inconvenient always being afraid or worrying that your phone will die, running out of power at any minute...
The most modern alternative –
a Recharge.city powerbank sharing service that’s created for your freedom and comfort.
But the most important thing is TO BE IN TOUCH WITH LOVED ONES.
Tom Preston, a 9 year old boy, got held up at art class, so he missed the bus and walked home for 12 blocks. His phone died and he couldn't tell his mother about this situation. The poor woman had already reported the child missing to the police and was calling hospitals, when a safe and sound child showed up at home... And this situation is very common!
Let’s take an example:
Another real-life situation:
John Lowell
«I have two young children the age of 7 and 9, and a pregnant wife,” says John, «and I need to be in touch with them all the time in case they need my help. It’s also extremely convenient that I can return the powerbank at any point in New York City.»
Parents, even if their child is late for an hour or two, would be terribly nervous. What's happened to him...? Is he alright?..All parents would understand this kind of situation very well.

Recharge.city powerbank rental service helps children always stay in touch, and parents be calm.
Ms. Ellen Griffith gets held up at work and in a hurry tries to make it back in time to pick up her 7 year old child Jerry after extracurriculars, but unfortunately ends up getting caught in a terrible traffic jam. Jerry starts calling Mom, but her phone is dead. He stares at every car as they pass by, but mom is not coming. Jerry is 7 years old and he is worried so much. Where is mom?...

This might never happened to your little one if you were using a Recharge.city powerbank rental service. After a quick registration, fast charging of your device, you will instantly be able to call your loved one back.
Let’s consider the oppisute, but not too uncommon situation
The powerbank rental station in the big city is a comfort and safety for children
Jerry Griffith
Recharge.city - stay in touch with loved ones
Our goal is to help everyone focus more on what they love - staying in contact with loved ones and always being ready to answer the important call from your family, less on the worry of a dead battery. By using the Recharge.City service you solve such a simple but pressing everyday problem really quickly.