power when you need it most
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VP Investor Relations
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Chief Sales Officer
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Chief Operating officer
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Maksim Kamaletdinov
Let the story begin...
founder of Recharge.City
I am an active user of the phone, because it is important to be constantly in touch in my work. On average I use my phone about 15 hours a day. And of course after 7 hours, the phone is already running out of battery. Carrying a charger and constantly taking time to find the outlet, and then even wait around the outlet when the phone is charged is an unnecessary waste of time and nerves. Therefore, I had to carry two phones to stay in touch and be able to solve all the important issues.
The first time I met a sharing service in Asia, i immediately noted that it is very comfortable. No need to worry that the phone runs out of battery at an important moment, no need to carry chargers, other powerbanks, or even a second phone that you might forget + it is possible to return the powerbank to any other power bank sharing station, which gives the opportunity not to be tied to a place at all and always stay in touch. Hence the idea of creating such a service in the U.S. was born.
After which I immediately ordered the first 500 power bank sharing stations for New York...
Before I found out about the powerbank sharing rental service, I used to carry two phones with me at once...
power when you need it most
And now...
We are the biggest growing network in NYC
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Mission and vision of Recharge.city
We are the provider of device-charging services intended to encourage the economy, where goods are shared instead of compulsively bought and abandoned. The company's power bank rental service offers freedom and convenience for people as they can charge their phones anywhere, anytime without having to leave their device behind or worry about cables. Our goal is to create a world where people have the opportunity to rent and return, to use a good only for the time they need it, enabling users to be free from phone battery constraints and no longer worry about being cut off from their phones and essential applications.
We will take care of maintenance and customer support. We work with any projects: from cafes to large retail chains
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