Powerful power bank rental
New York
all over
you always have a powerbank near you
charging from 0% to 80% in less than an hour
2 hours
city powerbank rental service
Get a power bank while you are at
a business meeting, shopping or just walking.
We are close to you
Hundreds of stations around you. Wherever you are in New York.
How it works:
It's really comfortable and fast
And you're always on the move
Еveryone faced with a situation where the phone suddenly ran out of battery, but there was no charger. Of course, this is not a fatal problem, and alternative solutions can be found everywhere, but still, sometimes our mobile devices contain important information.
You may need taxi apps, a navigator, bank cards for payment, important calles, screenshots, notes and much more, but the phone is "tired"...
with Recharge.City
Real estate agent in New York
At one of these moments, I saw the Recharge City station and used the service. Today I use the service several times a week and no longer experience stress about a discharged phone
Liam Fletcher
Average cost per month:
A calendar of the use of Recharge.City powerbank rental service
*4 full days and 3 not full days
Frequently asked questions
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