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power when you need it most
How it works:
We solved the discharged phones problem
Hundreds of power bank sharing stations around you. Wherever you are in New York.
How it works:
It's really comfortable and fast
And you're always on the move
Each of us has faced a situation where the phone suddenly ran out of battery with no powerbank at hand. While it may not be a fatal problem, it can be inconvenient as our mobile devices often store important information.
For instance, you may need to access taxi apps, map, make payments, take important calls, refer to screenshots, notes and so on, but your phone is dead…
with Recharge.City
Real estate agent in New York
At one of these moments, I saw the Recharge City power bank sharing station and used the service. Today I use the service several times a week and no longer experience stress about a discharged phone
Liam Fletcher
Frequently asked questions
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