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Start a powerbank sharing business on Recharge.city
Take control of your financial future while cultivating your entrepreneurial fire with Recharge.city, the leading power bank sharing service in the US

Recharge.city empowers budding entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to build a small, successful network of power bank sharing stations. Own a piece of the growing sharing economy and add a lucrative revenue stream to your portfolio.

List your first station now to get started, then build your business plan and scale how you want!
You choose how many power bank sharing stations to deploy, scaling your business up or down however you want, and whether to reinvest your earnings or cash out.
Become a part of the sharing economy! Start with a single station or make your own network. No need for a massive initial investment — Recharge.city equips you to be your own boss!
Whether you want to commit a lot of time or a little, you can earn at home or on the go, on your schedule, and divest any time.
Build a business that’s...
Entrepreneurs of all experience levels welcome
Whether you want to deploy a few power bank stations to earn extra income, or build a network with a variety of locations, start with one station and scale how you want.
Average annual income of 1 powerbank sharing station*
Average annual income of 3 powerbank sharing station*
Average annual income of 5 powerbank sharing station*
Average annual income of 7 powerbank sharing station*
Average annual income of 9 powerbank sharing station*

Built-in infrastructure

to get you up & running

Recharge.city provides the tools to help hosts thrive

  • Insurance included
    Rest easy knowing you’re covered in case a station is stolen or damaged. Choose from an array of protection plans that include varying levels of reimbursement for station repairs, up to the station’s actual cash value.
  • Safety & support

    Get access to 24/7 customer support, assistance for your guests, an experienced trust and safety team to support you through thick and thin, and help you build a savvy business.
  • Demand generation
    Get instant access to millions of active users from around the world, plus marketing and advertising support from Recharge City, the leading power bank sharing service in the US.
  • An easy-to-use online dashboard
    Manage your business and stations seamlessly on the go. From your phone, you can oversee station statuses, monitor income and revenue and more, all through our convenient online web version.
“We didn’t want it to be too time intensive because we both have full-time jobs, and also, we want it to be a good return on our investment… The profits are great for us!”

A powerhouse power couple

Meet Josh and Amber, a famous married couple from New York. The team began using 16-can stations to assess the size of Recharge.city as a new investment opportunity, and expanded its can rental business to 40 stations to increase its savings and diversify its investment portfolio while maintaining a steady job.

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Start building your business plan

Record your first station that you want to purchase today and make a plan for how to take control of your financial future tomorrow.
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