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The Fastest-Growing Portable Charger Rental Service
Over 1000 locations
in New York & 15,000+
active app users
Goal: installing 5,000,000 stations for portable chargers across all states within
7-10 years
It means for you – turn $1,000 into a staggering $8.3 million
in a decade!
Achieved rapid superiority over competitors through unique scaling strategies
Leasing out cutting-edge SaaS technology
Leveraging ML and neural networking in our expansion strategy and customer acquisition
Established strong, long-term ties with major New York partners
Featured in Yahoo Finance, TechBillion, Digital Journal
& more
Our Team
Max Kam
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Alex Murad
Chief Sales Officer
Natalia Dzuromsky
Vice President External Relations
Ilia Prokashev
15 years in business. Track record of success with highest exits. Superfast business growth from scratch.
Foresighted leader with innovative sales approaches. Expanded our stations across NYC, including top-notch venues. More than 350 deals done in just 9 month. Currently building the franchise sales department.
Formulated an efficient long-term partnership strategy within a 6-month span, concurrently establishing robust relationships with 4 prominent sports stars in the USA.
Experienced entrepreneur with a track record of market-leading ventures. His expertise in IT startup development and growth strategies has given Recharge.city a competitive edge, leading to a projected 30-fold valuation increase and a strong market presence in the sharing economy.
Why Recharge.city?
At Recharge City, we specialize in installing portable charger stations in various establishments, from bars and restaurants to malls and airports. With our expertise, access to power bank sharing professionals, and high demand in NYC, we've surpassed all competitors in the North American market.

Our vending machines are familiar, but we've introduced a novel idea. With over 1000 locations secured in New York and growing repeat rentals, we're convinced it works exceptionally well. It benefits not only users charging on the go but also small businesses, increasing revenue as people visit to charge their phones.
Now, we aim to install stations in every state and venue independently, and scale rapidly through franchise sales and leasing our software via a SaaS model.
Low Battery Anxiety is a Modern Reality
Low Battery Anxiety is a Modern Reality
Low Battery Anxiety is a Modern Real
We enable device charging through efficient portable charger rentals at dedicated stations, ensuring people can charge their devices wherever they are in the city.
No more worrying about the battery dying at the most inconvenient moment and scrambling to find an outlet.
Recharge.city helps you always stay in touch and use your device at any time without any stress or limits
We are developing a network of stations which help to fulfill charging needs in:
cafes and restaurants
shopping malls
gyms and beauty salons
subway stations
various events
Now, everyone can confidently leave home without fretting about whether their personal smartphone or power bank
is charged.
Rent a portable charger, charge their devices on the go
And return the portable charger
to any of our locations on the same or another convenient day.
If the battery runs low or is about
to, they spot a Recharge.city station
station types
The number of powerbanks/ units in every station is from 8 to 48
Our collection of stations and equipment allows to provide any customer traffic and branding as a part of a marketing campaign
16 slots station
8 slots station
8 slots station
48 slots station
Our catalog contains several types of chargers that fit seamlessly into any interior and are easily recognizable from a distance, as well as always ready for use.
Imani Grill
Osteria La Baia
Increase in the average check by almost 12%. Visitors tend to spend more time at the table charging their smartphones, which means they make additional orders.
The number of guests who discovered this restaurant through our app increased by 9.4%. We have also attracted tourists who don't want to compromise on their dining experience. The restaurant's advantageous location near Central Park was also a plus for everyone.
519 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
129 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019
We Improve Establishments
and Win the Hearts of Owners
At present, we have over 1000 partners spread across New York City, with a significant portion situated in Manhattan, indicating a high level of trust. For cafes, restaurants, and bars, we offer the following advantages:
Increased average customer spending
Boost in foot traffic and brand awareness
Time-saving benefits
for staff
Additional revenue from each power bank rental
At present, we have over 1000 partners spread across New York City, with a significant portion situated in Manhattan, indicating a high level of trust. For cafes, restaurants, and bars, we offer the following advantages:
Increased average customer spending
Boost in foot traffic and brand awareness
Time-saving benefits
for staff
Additional revenue from each power bank rental
Stations for portable chargers are already installed & being used daily in prime New York locations
We are trusted by:
Earned $6,725 with 1,345 rentals in 12 months
GOSHT steakhouse
3215 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY
excellent growth potential
global portable chargers sharing market
Value of the Chinese market in 2021 is $2.025 billion
($15.9 billion in 2028). Already more than 2 million locations
Energy Monster (Guaishou), IPO March 2021
311 million users
895,000 locations
34.4% market share in China
Market value - $795 (usd million)
according to Energy Monster 34.4% of the market
The portable chargers rental business model has proven immensely successful in the Chinese market. We've successfully adapted this model for the US market, taking into account both positive and negative practices.
Revenue of the leading market player - $273 (usd million)
U.S. market potential (2024):
The business model of renting portable chargers has proved extremely successful in the Chinese market. We have successfully adapted this model for the US market.
Portable Charger sharing service installed 20k stations in Japan and reached valuation of $300 million
20’000 Stations in Japan and franchise stations in China and EU
Went public in 2022 and reached valuation of ~$315 million
~ $52 million of revenue as of September 30th 2023
Around $106 million raised over 7 rounds of funding
*As per data from Pitchbook
ChargeSpot (Inforich) stock performance on Tokyo stock exchange
Recharge.city, much like ChargeSpot (Inforich), is the sole startup in New York offering portable charger sharing.
It proudly boasts being the only portable charger sharing startup with over 1000 stations in one city, surpassing
its largest competitor, which has fewer than 400 stations in a single city.

As a result, we are confident in our ability to achieve comparable or even superior results to ChargeSpot.

We do not foresee new competitors emerging, as it would require a substantial investment of approximately $3 million and several years to match our scale.
is the largest portable charger sharing service in Japan, boasting a network of 20,000 stations across the country.
Inforich successfully went public in Japan, achieving a valuation
of approximately $315 million.
As of September 30th, 2023, ChargeSpot has generated
$52 million in revenue.
In the past year, Inforich's market capitalization soared by 140%, making it the world's most valuable publicly traded portable charger sharing company, with just 20,000 stations.
The success of ChargeSpot can be attributed to several key factors:
Charge Spot dominated Tokyo with around 10,000 stations, boosting brand recognition and building a loyal customer base.
Tokyo's dense station network made returning chargers convenient across the city, greatly improving user experience.
ChargeSpot's aggressive franchise program enabled its expansion into global markets like Hong Kong, the UK, and the EU, while also increasing station installations in Japan.
Charge Spot’s significant financial resources allowed for ambitious expansion plans, securing its market leadership through substantial investments in station installations and marketing, distinguishing it from competitors.
How did they do it?
Charge Spot succeeded for two reasons:
Absence of strong competition on Japanese market.
Successful fundraising, with ChargeSpot (Inforich) securing over $106 million across six rounds from
19 investors. In 2022, Inforich went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under ticker 9338, reaching a valuation of $315 million as of January 2024.
We are the fastest growing network in USA
At present, we are the fastest-growing company in the portable charger rental category in the USA and also one of the fastest-growing in the sharing category overall. In a relatively short period (9 months), we've acquired over 15,000 active users who provide over 3,000 monthly rentals.
active users
rentals per month
stations in NYC
Q2 2023

Portable chargers rental business is the new "Cash Cow"

The US portable charger rental market value is
The US portable charger rental market will grow with CAGR* of 80.5%
*CAGR - Compound Annual Growth Rate
Portable Charger Rental Market 2022 – Segments Analysis, Industry Trends, Manufacturers Analysis, Opportunities and Market Size & Forecast 2030

The portable charger rental has been one of the FASTEST GROWING SUB-SECTORS of the sharing economy market
We place enormous emphasis not only on our user apps but also on fostering long-term relationships with our partners. Additionally, we prioritize our current and prospective franchisees, as we plan to actively expand franchise sales across all states in the first quarter of 2024.
And we also built our business to operate in “partnership mode”
with New York City becoming our first partner this summer. Our other unique features include:
from the beginning,
Massive R&D effort, leveraging ML models in our expansion
Full control over partners' rates, length of grace period, equipment design, and reporting format
Agile team that is fully equipped to interact with other startups or large enterprises
Unique know-how achieved by leveraging the best practices of the leaders of the Chinese market
We have a clear plan, a professional team (30+ employees), and vast experience gleaned from the New York market, enabling us to grow exponentially due to low competition and high product demand. And we want to embark on this journey together with you.
Our R&D and Partnerships
Current Model
We partnered with leading American university to build an ML model to understand better the best way to place our charging stations around the US
Our analysis uses geo coordinates of existing stations, revenue over time, population density and traffic to target the best location and maximize the revenue.
The experiment is performed in NYC, with the potential of expanding to other cities and offering such an overview to franchises
The analysis also predicts the best type of establishments to place the power bank-sharing stations
Future plans
Start collecting big data around customer behavior across own locations. Enhance the current model used for stations installation and apply it to other cities
Leverage AI and neural networks analysis to understand key drivers for customers to install the app. Leverage Hazard-type churn model for understanding the root cause of app deletion.
Enhance our model used in installation of the stations based on the customer behavior and churn data. Provide access to the tool to our top franchises
Monetize our data by offering it as an additional service to franchises as well as sell it to other businesses
Launch new products (exchangeable batteries for scooters, wireless charging). Leverage collected data and analysis to grow the business further
Q4 2023 - Q1 2024
Q2 2024 - Q3 2024
Q4 2024 - Q1 2025
Q4 2024 - Q1 2025
Q2 2025 
And Our SuperCharged Future
the revenue trend
Quarterly company revenues Q3 2023– Q4 2024
Investment Structure
software development
operating expenses
purchasement of terminals and powerbanks
With a strong background in B2B and D2C distribution, we're now entering franchising. Our aim is to install 5,000,000 stations in the US over the next decade, but with your help, we can achieve nationwide coverage in 6-7 years. Let's share in this great success together.
Invest in Recharge.city
and become part of our future