power when you need it most
with the FASTEST-GROWING power bank sharing service in the USA
Hit $3,000,000 by spending only $150,000
in funding from investors
1000+ power bank sharing stations already installed in New York
Business Model for power bank sharing service is amazingly straightforward
  • Recharge.city provides a convenient and affordable solution for people who need to charge their devices on-the-go
  • People can not live without their smartphones! Low-battery anxiety is real
How do you make money?
It's easy and efficient:
  • Visitors spot your station at an establishment
  • They then install the app and rent power banks within minutes.
  • Following that, they return the power banks to either your present station or to other Recharge.city stations, all clearly marked on the in-app map
The media about us
The minimum recommended amount to invest is $18,000. Expected return is $300,000 in 3-5 years.
Our manager will send you a ROI calculator to estimate your potential earnings and answer all your questions
We are looking for 19 partners in the USA right now
Submit a request to purchase stations online
Place the station in a high-traffic location like a restaurant
You make profit every time when a user rents one of your power banks
People return the power banks to the power bank sharing stations and it is ready for use again
High traffic locations can benefit greatly from our power bank stations. Here are a few examples:
Imani Grill
Las Santas
Osteria La Baia
Increase in the average check by almost 12%. Visitors tend to spend more time at the table charging their smartphones, which means they make additional orders.
Running out of battery? Let's plan our route and have a lunch! We've noticed that our users are particularly interested in Mexican cuisine restaurants due to our app's route planning feature.
The number of guests who discovered this restaurant through our app increased by 9.4%. We have also attracted tourists who don't want to compromise on their dining experience. The restaurant's advantageous location near Central Park was also a plus for everyone.
519 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
129 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019
519 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
How does renting works for users?
We have answered the most popular questions
We solve one of the most common problems people face today - modern smartphones are so advanced that they consume their battery charge rapidly, often not lasting until the end of the day. To address this issue, we have installed power bank sharing stations containing eight power banks in the most popular establishments and businesses. Guests can rent a powerbank through our app if their phone battery is running low.
Any questions? Contact us!
Company Number
Registered Address
150 BROADWAY, SUITE 900, NEW YORK, 10038, NY, US
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Legal information
Recharge City specialize in power bank rentals and software development, while our partner Shop Recharge.city handles power bank station sales. This way, each business model receives the expertise it deserves, meeting unique regulatory and operational requirements.
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