Take advantage of a ready-made revenue generating infrastructure
with power-bank rentals at different locations in the city
Start your business in a low-competition environment with the full support of a professional team
power when you need it most
With Recharge City, you get an easy-to-install and easy-to-manage product — a charging station with power banks
We started eight months ago and have already installed more than
900 stations in New York
We started eight months ago and already have more than 1000 stations installed in New York
Recharge station only requires an outlet
High demand
Nowadays everyone has a phone in the US, which means that the need for charging solutions is constant
Automated business management
Keep track of the station's status, profits, and customer usage statistics through the mobile app
Recharge City franchise is a chance to become a part of the sharing economy
Easy entry into the IT business without the need for in-depth expertise through the use of ready-made processes and systems
A ready-made system for starting and growing a business
Launch a business that has shown explosive growth in the largest of markets by the hands of a company that was able to replicate the successful case of the U.S. market
A fast-growing and low-competitive market
Delegate the operational part of the processes and do what you like in the business, and we will provide you with a competent team
A competent team
We would participate and help in completing some of your tasks
We help to sell - consultations of salespeople, marketing materials and presentations, personal manager
Station management software support for our franchisees
24/7 station and application support, responsible for stable operation and troubleshooting
A franchise from Recharge City will suit you if:
You already have a business in the restaurant, hotel, or other areas of hospitality and are looking for an additional source of income
You want to diversify your assets so that your portfolio is more resilient in case of crises and pandemics
You want to start a new business with potentially less involvement
Looking for new investment opportunities with high returns and low niche competition
You're looking for a way to try IT entrepreneurship, but you're afraid of making a mistake
Payback time:
Average income growth per month:
Average revenue per station:
We are open to our partners
Working with us, you get full transparency. We are interested in the growth of your business, so:
  • 1
    We'll show you around production
  • 2
    Introduce you to our founders and partners, conduct workshops and other immersions
  • 3
    Show you all our licenses, reporting and necessary documentation
  • 4
    Show you the sales process and the whole sales funnel
  • 5
    You'll learn how to count the economics and understand all costs
Step by step: from the first contact to the desired income
And share the design of promotional products for the stations
We bring fully set up stations to the locations
The income will grow
month by month
You make a profit
You see all the analytics: income, expenses and orders in the app
People are using powerbank rental service
You choose a type of franchise
  • You are with us
  • Your own network
It's a ready-made system for starting and growing a business
Become our partner