Charger not received after payment has been confirmed by Recharge City?

Kindly follow the steps below:

1. Confirm and ensure that your location is the same as the one submitted to the kiosk for delivery.
2. Cross check to ensure that your payment method is working.
3. Restart your app.
4. If you have done the above, but still need further assistance,kindly give us a call or send us an email. 

Any issues you might have will be solved by our customer support team.

Need any kind of assistance with your kiosk or Recharge City Charger?
Please reach our customer support team through and give us the basic information and location of such charger/kiosk.

How long can i rent a charger?
A rented charger can be kept as long as you want. Renting duration will be effective immediately a charger is rented. The day the rented charger is returned to the kiosk will mark the conclusion of the rental period. For any extra days after the rental duration a rental fee of $5 + tax will apply for every 24 hours of keeping your charger. After 7 days, lapses after the expiry of rental duration, your portable charger is considered to be purchased.

What is the consequence of holding on to the charger?
As explained through the terms and conditions, after the period of 7 days, failure to return the rented charger to a Recharge City kiosk will cause the charger to be regarded as purchased. If this happens, a sale fee exclusive of tax of twenty-five dollars USD ($25) will be charged to your credit card. Therefore, any initial rental fees will be refunded to you. The charger can be charged with a computer, or a standard Micro USB cable plugged into a wall outlet.

Where should i return my charger when l am done using it?
You can return your charger to any Recharge City kiosk. Recharge City kiosk locations are available on the app. Start by selecting the return button on the Recharge City app.

How much does a charger cost?
The cost per hour for a charger is $1, there will be an authorization hold before you rent the charger and will refund it after you return the charger. The daily maximum rental fee for a charger is $3 + tax for the preceding 24 hours. After the original 24 hours, you will be charged $5 + tax for every additional 24-hour period the charger is kept with you. You will be charged for a complete purchase price $15 plus tax for chargers kept more than seven days, and you will be refunded any initial rental fees at the time of rental, and the charger will belong to you.

What are the credit cards accepted by Recharge City?
Gift cards are not acceptable forms of payment. Recharge City accepts the following credit cards: American Express, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, as well as debits cards.

When will my credit card be charged?
When you finalize the rental of a charger, your card will be charged for the authorization hold. After you return the charger, your credit card will be charged the rental fee based on your rental duration.

How can i request a refund?
Any refund request should be forwarded to the customer representative of Recharge City through our email at

How much charging power does a device carry?
All Recharge City chargers have a battery capacity of 5000mAh. The amount of charge will depend on the type of device you are charging with it and how you are using the charger.

What are the devices that can be charged with Recharge City chargers?
There are three (3) different charging cables on the chargers: Micro-USB, Type-C and Apple Lighting. Micro-USB cables will charge all Android, Blackberry and Windows devices; Apple Lighting cables will charge all iPhone 5, 5S, 6,6 plus and other products.

How do i recharge a charger?
Any standard Micro-USB charging cable can be used to recharge the charger. Just plug it into the port on the charger.

Can i use my device while charging with a Recharge City charger?
Absolutely. You can use your device while charging.

What should i do in a situation where the charger is not charging my phone?
Go through the steps below to make sure your charger is working correctly:
1. Make sure that the green LED power lights of the charger are turned on when you connect your device to the charger. The LED lights are located on the front of the charger.
2. Ensure that you are using the correct charging cable that matches your device and that the cable is fully inserted into the charging port.
3. For devices with the casing on, ensure the casing is not preventing full connection of the device to the charger.