Pack of 30 Power Bank Sharing Stations

About this item:
The compact version of the charging station is perfect for all types of establishments: cafes, restaurants, hotels, stores, and so on.

It includes a special, fully configured SIM card to operate the station with a prepaid plan for 5 years. So you do not need to configure anything yourself, the station is absolutely ready to use.

The price consists of:
  • $84000 - 30 Power Bank Sharing Stations
  • $4500 - 30 Fully configured SIM cards with paid plan for 5 years (adapted to the station)

Size: 9 inch(W)*10 inch(H)*8inch(L)
Slots number: 8
Color: white
Connector type: USB Type C, Micro USB, Lightning
Static electricity consumption:(24 Hours)0.12kw
Communication network: Inbuilt 4G Module, support global internet
Amount of stations: 30
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